Police record extract for employment at a residential care home (HVB home)

You will need to show an extract from the criminal records registry and the criminal suspect register in order to work at an institution providing social support, e.g. a residential care home (HVB home).

Police record extract via e-service

To use the e-service, you must have an e-mail address that you are willing to provide.

Do not use the e-service if:

  • You are a citizen of an EU country other than Sweden or the United Kingdom.

Then use the appropriate form below instead.

E-service for police record extract 

If you are unable to use the e-service, please use one of the forms.

1. Fill in the form

Employment at a residential care home (HVB home). Request a police record extract,in Swedish (Form to fill in digitally and then print out)
Employment at a residential care home (HVB home). Request a police record extract, in Swedish (Form to print out and then fill in by hand)

Please note:

It is only possible to request a police record extract about yourself.  Power of attorney for another person does not apply.

If you do not have a Swedish personal ID number (or a coordination number), you will need to state your date of birth (year, month and day) and your full name (all given names and surnames) on the application.

Fill in the application clearly and sign it personally

Keep in mind that a properly prepared and completely filled in application that is personally signed with a pen facilitates that you will obtain a police record extract faster.

2. Send in the form

Scan or photograph the signed form and then send the form by e-mail or post to the police.

E-mail: registerutdrag@polisen.se

Polismyndigheten/The Swedish Police Authority
Box 757
SE-981 27 Kiruna

3. You will receive a criminal records registry extract

You will receive a criminal records registry extract from us by post. The extract will be sent to the address you have specified on the application. The police are not permitted to send extracts directly to an employer.

The processing time is up to two weeks from the time we have received the application until the time we send the extract. The processing time may vary, depending on how many people request extracts at a given time.

If you are a citizen of another country in the European Union or the United Kingdom, the police retrieve information from that country. This means the processing time may be slightly longer.

We cannot prioritize a certain application.

The following applies for the extract

You should only show a police record extract when you are offered employment or an assignment in a home for social care or housing that receives children. Never submit the criminal records registry extract together with your application for employment.

  • The police record extract is valid for 6 months.
  • The employer may make a copy of the police record extract. 
  • You can use the extract and show it to more than one employer. Therefor you should retain the original yourself
  • The extract also includes the criminal suspect register.

The police record extract is part of the documentation for assessing whether a particular individual is suitable for work in homes for social care and housing of children. Even if an individual does not have any notations of a criminal offence, other factors for assessment of the individual’s suitability must be carefully assessed. If an individual has been convicted and served his sentence, this does not entail a prohibition on the employment of that individual.

This is shown in the police record extract

Extracts from the criminal records register show information about whether a sentence has been imposed on you or an abstention from prosecution has occurred:

  • murder, manslaughter
  • assault, aggravated assault
  • kidnapping, unlawful detention, trafficking
  • coercion, unlawful threats
  • all sexual offences (including preparation, conspiracy to commit a crime, and failure to disclose criminal offences)
  • robbery, aggravated robbery
  • incitement to racial hatred, unlawful discrimination
  • drug offences (including preparation, conspiracy to commit a crime, and failure to disclose criminal offences)
  • alcohol offences (e.g. unlawful transfer) 
  • doping offences (including preparation, conspiracy to commit a crime, and failure to disclose criminal offences)
  • smuggling offences.

If the sentence for the crime also encompasses any other offence, details of that offence will also be included in the extract.

Extracts from the criminal suspect register show criminal offences where criminal charges have been brought as above. The extract also shows whether charges have been brought for participation or attempt on such an offence.